Melbourne 3-Day Conference Dec 2018 Gallery

Ameena & Julie are feeling enormously thankful to everyone who helped make the Dental Business Mastery 3-Day Conference in Melbourne such an enjoyable and inspiring event.

Charles, your skills as an MC and inspiring and passionate messages you share are, as several of our attendees described you, life-changing.

Lynn Pasi, you have been a joy to get to know and your assistance over the three days was amazing…thank you.

Our speakers delivered so much valuable information and were so generous with their time. Thank you Marton Jakab, Julian Muldoon, Shannon Murphy, Angus Pryor, Gregor Sandie and Michael Sernik.

Our sponsors were so supportive: Levitch Design Australia, Channel D, Heike Langdon 3M, 1Group, OneDental Louise Montgomerie Jo Stanbury, Maquarie Bank, MLPC, Alecto Finance, Dental Profit System, Kovess International, Dental Management Expertise, Julie Parker Practice Success, Juggler Design.

The Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne was excellent! Perfect in every way. All of our Melbourne events will be help there from now on.

Sam Wright of Technologetic – thank you for your awesome camera and video work. You are a legend.