Ameena & Julie

Ameena Basile

Ameena Basile is the founder of Dental Management Expertise. A Practice Management specialist in the dental industry, Ameena has been working in dental practices for 20 years, initially as a dental nurse and receptionist and for the last 15 years in Practice Management.
Her enthusiasm for Practice Management was driven by observing the poor business acumen of her father who was a very successful medical GP who died at 57 years old with little to show financially after 35 odd years of running a very busy private practice.
Ameena has spent the most part of her career mentoring & coaching practices to reach their full business potential.
She has a passion for helping dentists manage the production capacity verses the ever increasing expenditure in a dental practice and all the things that happen in between to gain a successful outcome doing what you love with a happy, supportive, motivated team.

Julie Parker

Julie has been involved in the dental industry for 30 years. In 2003, she became the first non-dentist to own a practice in Australia. Julie’s 10 successful years own practice ownership revealed what it takes to achieve a successful practice. Since selling her practice in 2013, Julie has devoted her career to educating and coaching dental teams how to achieve their best results.