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The Dental Business Mastery Academy

The Academy (formally ‘The Club’) is specifically catered to dental practice owners and managers.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to navigate our extensive library of over 100 training videos covering leadership, practice management, patient management, reception operations, teamwork, systems, marketing, patient acquisition, human resources, and personal growth.
  • How to use the Academy Chat, a powerful tool powered by ChatGPT, to get instant, specific guidance on any task, big or small, 24/7.
  • The benefits of incorporating the Academy into your daily workflow to save time, improve professionalism and enhance practice efficiency.


See firsthand how our platform can help you and your team get tasks done in seconds to minutes rather than hours or days.

Learn how the Academy Chat can provide you with unlimited knowledge and wisdom, ensuring the best possible solutions for your practice.

Understand how the Dental Business Mastery Academy can help you become more efficient, professional, and successful in managing your dental practice.

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Team training for your success

Patient Management

Our Academy offers dental teams training in all aspects of patient management. From communication and rapport-building to engagement in their treatment plans.
Effective management of your dental patients starts with understanding them. Our insights and strategies delivers a patient experience that is unavalable anywhere else setting you apart from other dental practices in your area.

Team Management

Effective team management is crucial in running a successful dental practice. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to cultivate a harmonious and high-performing team. Our membership equips you with tools to streamline communication, foster collaboration and promote professional growth among your dental staff. Unlock the full potential of your team, boost productivity and create a positive work environment that enhances patient care.

Practice Management

We empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in practice management. Discover unique techniques for optimising workflow, increasing profitability and implementing efficient business strategies. From financial management to marketing tactics, The Academy provides resources to help you navigate the complexities of running a dental practice successfully. Stay ahead of the curve and achieve long-term practice growth and sustainability.


The Acadmy recognises that personal well-being is crucial to thrive professionally. Our subscription supports you in enhancing self-management skills to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Gain access to resources and guidance on stress management, time optimisation and self-care techniques tailored specifically to dental professionals. Cultivate resilience, enhance your leadership abilities and prioritise your well-being to ensure long-term success.

Unlock the Subscriber-exclusive benefits

Transform the way you manage your dental practice with the Dental Business Mastery Academy.
Our comprehensive library of over 100 training videos and the powerful Academy Chat feature offer you a wealth
of knowledge and resources at your fingertips.

Training Library

Access over 100 hours of training videos covering key topics such as leadership, practice management, patient management, reception operations, teamwork, systems, marketing, patient acquisition, human resources and personal growth. Our library is continually updated to ensure you have the latest information.

Academy Chat

A revolutionary feature combining all our content with ChatGPT, allowing you to get instant, specific guidance for any task, big or small. Open it on your desktop all day, every day, to receive 24/7 advice, guidance, and assistance.

Key Benefits of becoming an Academy subscriber

  • Save Time: Get tasks done in seconds to minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Professional Guidance: Enhance your responses and document generation with professional, well-informed solutions.
  • Unlimited Knowledge: Access an endless amount of knowledge and wisdom, elevating your practice’s performance.
  • Affordable: All these powerful tools for just $70.00 plus GST per month.

Scroll down to see our extensive Table of Contents.

What our members say

"The on-demand team training provided by The Academy has been a game-changer for our practice. Our staff can access the training sessions at their convenience, leading to continuous improvement and enhanced patient care."
Practice Owner
"The vast library of training videos offered by The Academy has been an invaluable resource for our team. We've gained insights and learned strategies that we hadn't even considered before, resulting in improved efficiency and better outcomes for our practice."
Sally Jenkins
Practice Manager
"Being a member of The Academy has allowed us to make the most of our downtime. The powerful use of downtime training materials has transformed our team's productivity, ensuring that we constantly evolve and stay ahead in the ever-changing field of dentistry."
Practice Owner
Dental Practice Management Course


Become a subscriber for just $77 per month.

When you join The Academy, you have the freedom to cancel anytime. BUT, we’re confident you won’t want to. Why?

Because, we understand that dental practice owners and managers face a multitude of unique challenges, and we develped The Academy to address them.

However, because we want The Academy to be the best possible resource in the dental industry, if you can’t find the specific guidance you’re looking for, we’ll find and develop solutions for you. Our goal is to ensure your success and we’re committed to providing you with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve it.

Become a subscriber today. We look forward to seeing you in The Academy!

Table of Contents

Eliminating Gossip in Your Dental PracticeThis Lunch & Learn discusses the negative effects of workplace gossip and how to prevent it. We discuss what gossip is, its potentially devastating consequences and measures like a ‘no gossip zone’ that dental practices can take to reduce it.  
52 Ways to Market Your PracticeThis Lunch & Learn provides dental practices with key takeaways that can help to improve their marketing and attract more patients. By implementing these tips and strategies, dental practices can help those in need, improve their reputation and attract more patients.
Improving the Level of Customer Service in Your PracticeThis Lunch & Learn discusses the four levels of customer service and how dental practices can strive to provide the highest level of customer service: unanticipated. 
Text Expander: A Powerful App for Reception EfficiencyReceptionists frequently find themselves re-typing the same content over and again. It might be patient notes in their files or email communications to specialists and enquiries.  Text Expander is an application that is going to make your life so much easier! 
How to Build Authority with your PatientsThis Lunch & Learn provides useful insights into creating strong relationships with patients in the dental profession. We outline a number of strategies and techniques for success. 
How to Build Authority with your TeamThis Lunch & Learn provides fundamental knowledge for establishing effective authority within a successful dental practice. 
How to Conduct Effective Staff MeetingsStaff meetings can be an effective way for businesses to align their team, share ideas and information, provide motivation and feedback, and empower employees. 
How to Get Your Team to Successfully Implement New SystemsI’ve told them what to do, why aren’t they doing it?  Does this sound familiar? If you follow the process described in this Lunch & Learn, we promise that you will achieve far better results and be able to get your team to successfully implement new systems.
The Morning Huddle: More Impactful Than You Might ThinkMorning Huddles help your practice achieve a productive, efficient and low-stress day. There are other benefits, too.  This Lunch & Learn provides the ‘how to’ for you to implement Morning Huddles.
Receptionists:  How to Prioritise Your TasksIt can be difficult to know how to prioritise all of the many tasks that a receptionist is responsible for every day. But, we have the answer! This Lunch & Learn includes a guide that will help you get all of the important and urgent things done, while also artfully planning for all of the other stuff!
70 Ways to Get More Cash into Your Practice Bank AccountRunning low on cash reserves in your dental practice is HARD. That’s what this Lunch & Learn is here to address. We have come up with 70 ways to get more cash into your practice bank account!  Enjoy!
How to Create a Welcome Email Template for Your New PatientsProviding your New Patients with a well-designed and engaging email upon the scheduling of their initial dental appointment has several benefits. We have a terrific method of designing and sending Welcome Emails to your New Patients that your receptionist is going to find super-easy.
The Patient Handover to the ReceptionistIf you have not designed a system for handing your patient over from surgery to reception, you are missing out on some impactful benefits. In this Lunch & Learn, we share our Patient Handover process.
Tracking your Treatment Plan Acceptance RateTreatment Plan Acceptance Rate can be tricky to track. We have a simple manual system for tracking practitioner’s Treatment Plan Acceptance rates. It doesn’t take a lot of time and is the most accurate method we have found. 
How to Effectively DelegateIn this Lunch & Learn, we discuss the many benefits to you and your team when you can effectively delegate. We also share some helpful tips so you can hone this important skill and achieve success.
When you offer a candidate the job, are you in the same ballpark?When you recruit for a position within your practice, are you guilty of delaying the conversation about money? In this Lunch & Learn, we share the strategy that we have used for years when discussing remuneration with candidates. 
The Johari Window for Your Self-ImprovementHow brave are you?   Well, if you’re up for it, this is a fast-tracked way to your self-improvement! Discover what you do not yet know about yourself and use our plan to develop your capabilities…fast!
The 3 Categories of PatientsCategorising your patient into these 3 groups will help you market your practice, build effective systems for your patients and increase the value of your goodwill.
Letter to Patients who Frequently Break their AppointmentsCommunicating with patients who are consistently breaking their appointments in a professional manner is a hurdle every practice will face.  Use this letter that we have created to assist in getting these patients back on track!
The Power of the Daily FocusHow to create change and implement new behaviours in your practice. Don’t fall into the trap of “nothing ever changes around here.”  In this Lunch & Learn, we provide the solution to getting your dental team to implement new systems and actions so you can PROGRESS!
The 8 Reasons Why the Receptionist is Such a Powerful Role in Your Practice.The role of receptionist is not one that suits just anyone. It is also not a role to quickly fill without careful consideration.  In this Lunch & Learn, we share our 8 top reasons why we think the role of receptionist is so powerful.
Team Training When There is No Time!In this Lunch & Learn, we provide a solution for dental practices that want to provide team training and development, but simply do not have time.
Why You Should Consider a Hygiene DepartmentDo you have a hygiene department in your practice? Are you curious as to the benefits a hygiene department can have on your practice?  In this Lunch & Learn, we share a calculator we developed so you can see how a hygiene department can dramatically increase your practice turnover.
Scripts to Convert Patients to HygieneIn this Lunch & Learn,  Ameena and Julie discuss the best ways to develop scripts in your practice to convert your dental patients to your new hygienist.
Creating the Environment for a Happy, Productive Dental Hygienist with Guest, Beck Cleeland.In this Lunch & Learn, we interview experienced dental hygienist, Beck Cleeland. Beck shares her thoughts and ideas on how a dental practice can create a great environment where the best hygienists are beating a path to your door!
Tips on Establishing a Hygienist  with Ameena Basile of Dental Management ExpertiseIn this Lunch & Learn, I am joined by my buddy and colleague, Ameena Basile.  Ameena has had a load of experience implementing hygiene programs in dental practices and shares her tips for successfully introducing a hygiene program into your dental practice.
Creating a Psychologically Safe Working EnvironmentThis Lunch & Learn guides you through the process of ensuring your practice is offering the optimal working environment for strong performance and team member happiness.
The 5 Languages of Appreciation for Team MotivationStudies show that 66% of employees consider quitting when they feel unappreciated.  In this Lunch & Learn, we walk you through 5 ways you can show your appreciation to your team members and help keep them happy and motivated.
Maintaining Your Good Relationships With Patients While Modifying Their BehaviourWhen patients exhibit unhelpful behaviour, such as breaking their dental appointments, it is easy to fall into the trap of being stern with them. We share some insights and scripts on how to manage your patient’s unhelpful behaviour and maintain your friendly, trusting relationship with them. 
Surveying the RIGHT PatientsSurveying your patients to ensure you are identifying what you do great, and areas that could be improved on is a winning idea. In this Lunch & Learn, we tell you which patients you should survey, which ones you shouldn’t AND the quickest way to get that survey completed!
GOALS: Supporting Your ProgressZig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last – well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” In this Lunch & Learn, we share some tools that you can put in place that will support you and keep you motivated to achieve your long-term goals. 
GOALS:  Creating the Habits and Processes for Your Goals AchievementAs Marshall Goldsmith says in his book, “What got you here won’t get you there”. In order to reach your goals, you must shift the behaviours that make up your daily routine to the behaviours that will help you achieve your goals. 
GOALS: Overcoming What Stops UsIf you have found it challenging in the past to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, this Lunch & Learn is for you! We discuss ten things that stop us from achieving the success we desire. 
Setting the Right GoalSetting the right goal in the right way increases your chances of successful goals-achievement. In this Lunch & Learn, we discuss how to actually set your goals in the right way. You also get some powerful resources that help you make your goal your main priority and focus every day.
Using My Awesome DiaryA receptionist’s ability to complete necessary tasks and manage their time effectively can be helped enormously by the tools they have at their fingertips. In this Lunch & Learn, we show you our tips for using My Awesome Diary so receptionists can deliver their awesomeness every day.
Shifting from REGRET to GRATITUDEWe’ve all had those situations when we have regretted the outcome of an interaction. We know we could have been better, but we weren’t. In this Lunch and Learn, we share a framework that can help grow from these experiences and move on from those feelings of regret.
How a YouTube Channel Can Work Wonders for Your Practice.In this Lunch & Learn, we explore the benefits for your patients – and your team – of creating your own Practice YouTube Channel.
Hints for Effective use of Google CalendarIf you are looking for more ways to make your Google Calendar even more awesome and useful, this Lunch & Learn is for you! We share hints and advice to help you be efficient and productive!
Your Practice ValuesGetting your practice values right is an important element of achieving dental practice success.  In this Lunch & Learn, you will discover how values drive behaviour, and how to make your values alive in your practice and I share the four core values that we believe are crucial for any dental practice. 
CANI: Constant And Never-ending ImprovementThe concept of CANI, Constant And Never-ending Improvement is one that we believe is crucial to achieving greater and greater success both as an individual and as a business. However, there are four steps that you need to take to effectively move into CANI. 
How to Become GREAT at Quoting Fees to Your Patients!An important element of the successful delivery of treatment plans to your patients is discussing your fees without loading that communication with your own fears, thoughts and beliefs.  This Lunch & Learn is perfect for you if you want to get comfortable talking money with your patients. 
Team CultureGetting the culture right in your practice will result in happier, more engaged team members who deliver great performances.
Performance ReviewsPerformance Reviews can be a source of anxiety for both the employee and the manager delivering the review. The process described in this Lunch & Learn can help you design a Performance Review process that the team actually looks forward to and is a source of inspiration for everyone to develop their skills.
New Employee Onboarding ProcessHiring the right person is just the first step in building your team. This Lunch & Learn gives you our Onboarding Process so you give your new employee every chance of becoming a successful performer.
Hiring Great PeopleFinding, hiring and keeping great employees is one of the most challenging aspects of dental practice management. If you adopt a well-designed system when recruiting, your practice has a far greater chance of hiring the right person and then you reap the benefits.
Employee Dentist RemunerationIt has long been a challenge to conform to employee-contractor dentist regulations. Find out how you can hire a dentist as an employee AND still pay them a percentage commission with our matrix. 
Top Tips for an Efficient Dental ReceptionistDental Receptionists have a flurry of tasks to get through every day. In this Lunch & Learn, we deliver some of our top tips for dental reception efficiency.
Open-Book ManagementAlthough understandable why some dental practice owners are not open to Open-Book Management, the positive impact on the achievement of practice goals might have you reconsidering.
The Staff Remuneration MatrixWe have finessed the Staff Remuneration Matrix so you can use it in your practice to establish a smart system around how you pay your staff and offer them pay raises when they deliver a top performance. 
Managing Bad Employee BehaviourWhat do you do when one of your employees starts displaying toxic behaviour? In this Lunch & Learn, we take you through a process that will help you manage this problem and put a stop to the endless time you spend worrying and dealing with it.
The JPPS 10% X 5 Strategy for Practice GrowthThere are two fundamental ways for businesses to increase profits. Reduce costs or increase sales. Formulating a growth strategy will provide you and your team with the framework and tasks that will generate the increase in profits that you are aiming for.
Your Practice PurposeIdentifying the purpose of your dental practice can help align your team and tap into a core driver of motivation. 
How to Convert New Callers into Appointments Converting new callers into actual appointments in your schedule requires more consideration than you would think. Use our process to make sure if they don’t book in today, then they’ll certainly call you back in the future!
Building Rapport with PatientsYour ability to engage with your patients is directly impacted by how well you build rapport. This Lunch & Learn guides you in the process and gives you some powerful tips. 
Concept: “What can I do for you?”Discover why we think this one question can become your customer service policy, teamwork culture and leadership policy.
Reducing Broken AppointmentsFailed appointments, patients running late and late cancellations can cost your practice thousands of dollars every year. A different approach can make all the difference.
What You MUST Know About Your Dental PatientsWe can’t be all things to all people. And, we don’t want to be. Understanding whom to attract to your dental practice could be the key to your success. 
Tracking Success Through Key Performance IndicatorsIn this Lunch & Learn, we discuss the relevance of tracking Key Performance Indicators and give you a great system to manage them.
Following Up Patients with Incomplete TreatmentAn effective process for supporting your patient in scheduling their incomplete treatment.
Achieving Patient EngagementEffectively engaging your dental patients in their treatment and your practice will result in higher case acceptance rates, increased productivity and reduced stress in your day. It will also result in far greater outcomes for your patients. 
The Four Growth StoppersDeveloping systems to keep your patients will helop you plug these four growth stoppers!
Pre-Blocking Your Schedule Hints for creating a more efficient, stress-free and productive schedule.
AbsenteeismWe discuss absenteeism and how to effectively manage it in your practice.
How to Increase the Value of Your Patient BaseYour Patient Base is a core asset of your business. This Lunch & Learn discusses how to increase the value of your Patient Base and  improve the value of your business. 
Managing Difficult Patients, Ejecting Difficult Patients From Your PracticeThis Lunch & Learn provides help in dealing with difficult patients, and ejecting them from your dental practice should it be necessary. 
Developing your CHARMDiscover the captivating power of charm in our Lunch & Learn and unlock the key to building stronger relationships, enhancing communication and achieving personal and professional success.
ConfidenceThe power of confidence. This Lunch & Learn walks you through how to develop it in others, and how to build your self-confidence.
Inactive PatientsWho are they, how do you find them and how do you attract them back into your practice.
Getting PASSIONATE about team trainingThe enormous value of team training & development – and how to get PASSIONATE about it!
Managing a team member with mental illnessManaging team members with mental illness in the workplace can be difficult, but there are key takeaways that employers and managers can take to ensure everyone’s safety and respect. 
Patients who leave with your treatment plan for a cheaper alternativeIt can sting when a patient seemingly wastes your time and moves forward with your treatmment plan at another dental practice, but, we can make it a positive step forward.
How to use the 7 Strategies for Passionate Performance to create an inspiring year.A special presentation by Charles Kovess, Australasia’s Passion Provocateur.
The Patient Advocate RoleIf you are seeking to increase your case acceptance rate, introducing the Patient Advocate role will help you achieve your goal.
Establishing a New Hygiene ProgramImplementing a hygiene program in your practice can be a challenging process. Here are some ideas and strategies to give your team every chance of success.
Delivering Team FeedbackDiscovering how to deliver feedback to your team members is a crucial skill to develop. Poorly delivered feedback can lead to disruption and resentment. However, feedback that is delivered thoughtfully can inspire your whole team to be better!
Team CommunicationEffective communication is the foundation of a functional, happy and high-performing team.
The Impact of Micro-ManagementDiscover why micro-management can be so destructive and what to do to transform to a far more helpful management style.  
Google Calendar for Front Desk OrganisationIn this Lunch & Learn, we show you all the benefits of using Google Calendar at the Front Desk.
Discounting Your Dentistry-The Broader ImpactsIf you have ever discounted your services thinking it’s good for business, think again! It is our opinion that discounting is a flawed plan. Watch this Lunch & Learn and find out why.
How to powerfully welcome your patients!Make sure your welcome has high impact. It will make a world of difference!
Conducting effective role-play in your team-development sessions for amazing results!Discover why role-playing can become one of the most powerful training tools you have.