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Thank you for participating

We appreciate your participation in our recent webinar, “Mastering Emotional Professionalism in the Face of Dental Practice Challenges.” 

We hope you found the presentation insightful and gained valuable insights to enhance your dental practice. 


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Legacy Horizon

Huti Bourke Director, Legacy Horizon

As a dedicated Culture and Strategy Coach I have a passion for fostering honest communication, nurturing growth, and championing excellence. I excel in navigating the intricate dynamics of dental practice culture. My commitment is not just to enhance culture but to drive profit through empowered, cohesive teams and organizations with proven strategies. Then you can create a pathway to sustainable success that is both tangible and transformative.

Huti’s background:

  • 20 years in the dental industry as an oral health therapist
  • Many clinics across Australia and New Zealand
  • Working with multiple practice management systems and companies
  • Ongoing CPD for the past 20 years
  • 8 years of personal development and coaching business and education
  • Cultural specialist


Visit Huti’s website at


Recording of Huti's Presentation

Click below to watch the recording of Huti’s presentation.

One-on-One Discovery Session

Should you have any questions or face specific challenges in your dental practice, Ameena and Julie are here to help. We’re offering a one-on-one live Zoom discovery session to address any of your concerns. You can schedule a time via the booking link.

We invite you to visit our website, where you’ll find a treasure trove of additional resources designed to boost your practice’s success.