Would you agree that your team would deliver a better patient experience if they participated in ongoing training?

Dental Business Mastery is the collaborative efforts of two practice management coaches. Ameena Basile of Dental Management Expertise and Julie Parker of Julie Parker Practice Success.

Ameena and Julie offer training and coaching events for every member of the dental team, providing them with the strategies and know-how to have a larger impact on the success of the dental practice they own, manage and work in.

Empowering people – empowering practices

“We do not rise to the level of our dreams, but fall to the level of our training.”



Our workshops deal directly with the challenges of developing and implementing great systems into your practice. Ameena and Julie provide a fun, supportive and interactive environment that empowers your team to create great systems for patient engagement and service,  production and growth, and  team communication and harmony. 


Come along to our seminars to discover successful strategies to manage your self, your team, your patients and your practice. 

Our full-day events will enlighten and empower you to make effective change.


Dental Business Mastery conferences are ideal if you want lasting personal and practice change. Hosted by professional speaker and Australasia’s Passion provocateur, Charles Kovess, these special 2-day events challenge your beliefs and deliver insights and strategies for true and lasting personal growth and practice improvement.