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Welcome to Dental Business Mastery, your trusted partner in dental practice management consulting. Based in Australia, we specialise in helping dental practice owners like you achieve new heights of success. With a dedicated team of industry experts, we’re committed to driving excellence in dental practices across the country.

Meet The Team

Julie Parker

Dental Practice Management Consultant, Instructor

Julie Parker brings decades of experience to the table, having worked in dental practices since the 1980s. She holds the distinction of being the first non-dentist to own a dental practice in Australia. After successfully managing her own practice for a decade, Julie transitioned to become a consultant in 2014. Her mission: to empower other dental practices to realise their full potential. Over the years, Julie has evolved into a trusted mentor and coach, guiding both team members and practices toward constant and never-ending improvement.

Visit Julie’s personal website: Julie Parker Practice Success

Ameena Basile

Dental Practice Management Consultant, Instructor

Ameena Basile is a dental industry practice management specialist with over two decades of experience. Her journey in dental practices began as a dental nurse and receptionist. Ameena’s passion for practice management was ignited by observing her father’s experiences as a successful medical GP who, sadly, passed away at 57 with little financial security after 35 years of running a busy private practice.

Ameena has dedicated her career to mentoring and coaching dental practices to unlock their full business potential. She is deeply committed to helping dentists strike the right balance between production capacity and expenditure in their practices. Ameena’s goal is to guide you toward a successful and fulfilling dental practice experience, complete with a happy, supportive, and motivated team.

Visit Ameena’s personal website: Dental Management Expertise

Janie Milner

Dental Practice Business Consultant

Janie Milner is a Dental Operations Manager and Dental Management Consultant with a wealth of experience in the dental industry. With intimate knowledge of the field, she brings a diverse skill set that includes dentistry, healthcare, practice management, strategic planning, marketing and more. Janie’s expertise extends to areas such as dental sales, business development and social media marketing.

At Dental Business Mastery, Janie plays a pivotal role in helping dental practices thrive. Her deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies allows her to provide invaluable guidance to practices seeking growth and success.

Visit Janie’s personal website: Janie Milner