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Morning Huddle Template

The Morning Huddle Template is a powerful tool designed to help dental practices start their day on the right foot. By gathering the team first thing in the morning, practices can align on their goals, anticipate any challenges, and ensure everyone is prepared for the day ahead. The Morning Huddle Template provides a structured format for these meetings, ensuring that they are efficient, focused, and effective.

During the huddle, the team reviews the schedule for the day, identifies any potential obstacles or challenges, and discusses how to address them. This can include discussing specific patients, reviewing any special needs or requirements, and ensuring that all necessary materials and equipment are ready and available. The huddle also provides an opportunity for team members to share any important updates or information, and for the practice manager or lead dentist to provide guidance and motivation for the day ahead.

We hope you find our Morning Huddle Template helpful! 

Root Cause Tool

We often fall into the trap of treating the symptom rather than the underlying problem when it comes to practice management.  Use this helpful tool to dig deeper than surface-level problems and tackle the root cause.

New Practitioner Checklist

This resource is perfect for onboarding new practitioners to your dental practice. It covers the essential tasks to introduce a new team member successfully, including getting their appointment books filled.

Daily Cross-Check

The Daily Cross-Check ensures the accuracy of key areas such as wages of practitioners, correct accounting details in patient files and provide back-up processes to ensure notes are written for all patient treatments.

Team Culture Guide

Utilise this guide to craft a robust team culture within your practice.

Onboarding New Employee Process

Ensure that you complete the essential tasks while introducing a new team member to your dental practice.

Instrument Count

Reduce the chances of losing expensive instruments and equipment through the steralisation process with this helpful resource.

Dental Reception Telephone Scripts

Support your receptionist with these helpful scripts for common telephone caller management.

Team Meeting Agenda

Give your Team Meetings additional structure with this templated agenda. 

Telephone Answering Sheet

Ensure you cover all important steps with this Telephone Answering Guide.

Broken Appointment Letter

We understand the challenges you face when patients repeatedly break their appointments, fail to show up or arrive late. 

To assist you in addressing this issue and encourage patients to manage their dental appointments more effectively, we have prepared a thoughtful letter that can be shared with these individuals. 

Team Member Progress Assessment

Help team members gain clarity around their progressive improvement in performance. 

Employer - Employee 360 Degree Feedback Survey

360-degree feedback allows all of us to grow. Use this survey routinely to ensure all that important but unspoken is revealed!

Role Descriptions fro Dental Auxillary Positions

Download this document for a full list of all the responsibilities of each auxillary role in your practice. Terrific when creating Job Descriptions. 

Performance Review: Employee Preparation Survey

Give this survey to your team member to complete prior to their Performance Review. It can provide useful information about how your employees assess their own performance and understanding of what is expected of them.

Agenda for Performance Review Meeting

Meeting agendas help put structure to your meeting and achieve progress. Use this agenda for when you meet with staff members to conduct a Performance Review. 

Morning Huddle Template

Morning Huddles can become a crucial tool for your practice’s efficiency and productivity. Use this template as a guide for your Morning Huddles. 

Mystery Shopper Questionaire

Getting a Mystery Shopper to visit your practice can provide extremely useful feedback, on both what you are doing well and what could be improved. Provide your Mystery Shopper with this questionnaire, which has been designed to give you great feedback yet is easy to complete.