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Thank you for participating

We appreciate your participation in our recent webinar, “Reactivating Your Inactive Patients.” 

We hope you found the presentation insightful and gained valuable insights to enhance your dental practice. 

Below, you will find the recording of the webinar and all resources that we promised. 


Effectively Managing Incomplete Treatment Patients

Whether patients have moved on to other providers or simply fallen out of touch, learn how to reignite their interest in your practice and foster long-term loyalty. Register now to uncover actionable strategies for reactivating your inactive patients and driving practice growth.

What we cover:

  • When does a patient become ‘inactive’
  • How to find inactive patients in your database
    Why do patients stop attending your practice
  • Ideas to reactivate inactive patients
  • Preventing your ‘inactive patient’ list from growing


This Lunch and Learn discusses the four levels of customer service and how dental practices can strive to provide the highest level of customer service: unanticipated. 


Download the following two letters and customise to suit your inactive patients.


The wonderful practice that I worked for very early in my career, Pinewood Dental Group, have an excellent example of a web page on their site that effectively explains to patients why they are not a preferred provider for health funds.

GO HERE to take a look.

Mystery Shopper Questionnaire

Enhancing your dental practice’s performance starts with understanding your strengths and areas for improvement. That’s where our Mystery Shopper Questionnaire comes in.

We have crafted the Mystery Shopper Questionnaire. This tool is designed to provide insightful feedback without adding unnecessary complexity. By having a Mystery Shopper visit your practice and complete this questionnaire, you’ll gain valuable insights into your practice’s performance.

Why should you consider using our Mystery Shopper Questionnaire?

  1. Objective Evaluation: Get an unbiased perspective on your practice’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Actionable Feedback: Identify areas where you excel and discover opportunities for improvement.
  3. Enhanced Patient Experience: Use feedback to refine your services and provide a better patient experience.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Foster a culture of continuous improvement within your practice.

Download our Mystery Shopper Questionnaire now and start gathering invaluable insights.

Effectively Managing Incomplete Treatment Patients

Dive into the world of incomplete treatment management with this webinar focused on guiding patients through their treatment journey. We’ll explore strategies for addressing treatment gaps, overcoming patient barriers and facilitating treatment completion. 

We cover:

  • Why patients don’t book for advised treatment
  • What patients need to book for treatment
  • The process of getting them back in the schedule
  • Tips, downloads and resources to help you be more successful

Incomplete Treatment Letters, versions 1, 2 and 3

Download these easily templated letters to assist your email and mail communications to your patients.

There are 3 versions.

  1. General letter designed for mass mail-out
  2. 2 Option letter for basic treatment recommendations
  3. 3 Option letter for more involved treatment recommendations


Incomplete Treatment Telephone Script

Download this phonecall script to assist your receptionist contact patients who have incomplete treatment plans. 


Access the following training videos to gain a greater understanding of both Text Expander and the Patient Handover To Reception

Successful Recall Strategy

In this presentation, we guide you through effective recall strategies to ensure no patient slips through the cracks, optimising your scheduling and enhancing patient engagement.

We cover:

  • Why recalling patients is important
  • Understanding your patients
  • Assessing communication methods
  • How to build your recall strategy
  • Tips to improve your recall booking rate

Why do I need dental recall visits? Brochure

Download this brochure to send along with a physical letter (or on it’s own) to patients who are due for the recall but not yet booked in.

Recall Strategy worksheet

Download this worksheet to design your Recall Strategy.

Content for 'Reason For Recalls' page.

Share this content with your website designer and create a page on your site to educate patients about why recall appointments are required. Include images and, ideally, a video for greater engagement and impact.

Database Discovery - Unlocking the Potential Within Your Dental Practice

See the webinar from last week that triggered this current webinar series.

In this enlightening session, we delve into the untapped opportunities lying dormant within your existing patient database. “Database Discovery” offers a comprehensive look at how dental practices can identify and capitalise on hidden revenue streams without the need for acquiring new patients.

Podcast epsiodes speaking to the effective uses of CHAT GPT

Episode #112: 3 powerful ways to use ChatGPT in your dental practice.

Ep #114: Part II – Using ChatGPT in your dental practice for recruitment and HR

Ep #115: Part III – Using ChatGPT to market your dental practice.

One-on-One Discovery Session

Should you have any questions or face specific challenges in your dental practice, Ameena and Julie are here to help. We’re offering a one-on-one live Zoom discovery session to address any of your concerns. You can schedule a time via the booking link.

We invite you to visit our website, where you’ll find a treasure trove of additional resources designed to boost your practice’s success.